Kon's Farming Diary in Fukushima 福島で農家をめざすコンの日記

A diary of a novice farmer who came from Tokyo to start farming here in Fukushima with her husband. We are organic and try to be greener! 東京から脱出し、農業を始めるために、福島に移住したコンの日記です。エコ&グリーンな農家をめざします♪



大学生の農業体験 University Students Visit Our Farm!

チェンジ・メーカーズ・ラーニング・キャンプ」に参加している5人の大学生が、ななくさ農園に一泊二日で来てくれました。白菜の種まき、キュウリの管理、草刈・・・一生懸命作業してくれて、夜の宴会(?) では熱い思いをたくさん話してくれて、すごく刺激になりました。どうもありがとう!! 作業中の写真を撮り忘れて残念・・・。Five university students who were taking part in “Change Makers Learning Camp” came to our farm and stayed overnight to have a direct experience of farming. They did some field works such as sowing Chinese cabbage seeds, taking care of cucumber plants, weeding and so on. They worked hard and talked about their passion for doing something to change the world. I was so impressed. Thanks a lot! It’s a shame I forgot to take photos of them working hard.

雪景色 Snowscape

朝起きたらつもってました。きれいだけど、出かけるのが大変。We have another winter scenery. It is beautiful, but it will be hard to go out!

ハチミツ Honey

昨年実家の父が来てキウイ棚の下に設置したニホンミツバチの巣箱。今年もハチミツがとれました! 熱心なアマチュア養蜂家と化した父とミツバチに感謝。
My father came here and set the box for Nihon-Mitsubachi (Japanese honey-bee) under our kiwi tree last year. They gave us this gift of honey this year again! I thank a lot to my father who became an enthusiastic beekeeper and to the bees who worked hard for this honey.

ローズヒップ Rosehip

何年か前に植えたドッグローズ。何度も刈られたりヤギに食べられたり(?)しながら、ようやく少し実がなるくらいまでになりました♪ どうやってお茶にするか調べなくては。それにしても、いつの間にか秋になり、空の青さに驚きです。
I planted this dog rose plant a few years ago and finally they got some fruits! I have to check how to make tea from them. It has become fall and the sky is so beautiful now.

ぶどう Grapes

I bought a seedling of grapes at a garden center just after we moved here. I planted it in front of our house about 4 years ago and it grew vigorously and bore fruits last year. This year it yielded much more fruits which hove somewhat nostalgic taste.

きらめくフサスグリ☆ Brilliant Red Currant

移住してすぐに、家の前のしげみに植えたふさすぐり。毎年、少しだけど宝石みたいな実をつけてくれます。すごーく酸っぱくて渋みもあるけど、大好き。I planted the tree in front of our house soon after we had moved here. It has beautiful red gem like fruits. They are quite sour and astringent, but I love them.

ホタルブクロ Spotted Bellflower

家の前の立派な日本風の石庭も、ドクダミに覆われ、見る影もないのですが、その中からヒョイと出ているホタルブクロを発見。子供の頃に読んだ本に出てきたので、ホタルブクロは大好きな花です。うれしくなりました。The rock garden in front of our house is now covered with chameleon plants. But I found my favorite spotted bellflowers among them, which made me happy.

ブラックベリーの花とミツバチ Blackberry Flowers and honey bees

薄ピンク色のかわいいブラックベリーの花。ハチの活躍で、実ももうすぐです♪ Pretty pale pink blackberry flowers. Thanks to honey bees, the fruits are coming soon!

Our Goat Clara ヤギのクララ

She is already one and a half years old. She has huge appetite as ever.yagi110504.jpg

What flowers? #3 何の花でしょう?その3

Nankin Cherry! I didn’t know the English name for Yusuraume. It has wonderful yummy red fruits in early summer. 
ゆすらうめ。 英語で南京チェリーというとは、知りませんでした。初夏にきれいで美味しい真っ赤な実がなります。