Kon's Farming Diary in Fukushima 福島で農家をめざすコンの日記

A diary of a novice farmer who came from Tokyo to start farming here in Fukushima with her husband. We are organic and try to be greener! 東京から脱出し、農業を始めるために、福島に移住したコンの日記です。エコ&グリーンな農家をめざします♪



香港インターナショナル・ワイン&スピリッツ・フェア Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair

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ご縁があって、香港インターナショナル・ワイン&スピリッツの 福島県のブースで、セミナーやトークイベントに参加させていただきました! 人前で話すのは上手くはなかったですが(涙)、関係者皆さんのおかげで、何とか夢ワインや麦酒のことを伝えられたかな?と思います☆  
I went to Hong Kong to take part in the International Wine & Spirits on November 11th and 12th. I was not really good to talk in front of people, but thanks to everyone who involved, I had a really nice time and somehow I was able to tell people our experience.
I hope many international visitors who are interested in our challenges will come to visit us.

下北沢にシードルPRに行きます☆ Our Cider in Shimokitazawa Orugando

I will go to Shimokitazawa "Fukushima Orugan-do" tomorrow on Saturday, December 13th to promote our cider! I hope more and more people get to know our delicious produce. I am happy to visit the town I used to go often when I was a student.

初めてのワインが完成! First Produced Wine

wine140131s.jpg winelabe140131.jpg
Wine from the grapes planted the year of the earthquake has finally produced! They have an unveiling ceremony last week and people there really liked the taste. Since the amount is very small, they don’t sell the wine this year. We are looking forward to the product next year.

シードル完成! ふくしま農家の夢ワイン Cider from Fukushima Farmer’s Dream Wine

ついに、できました。 りんごのお酒。 とっても美味☆☆
ふくしま農家の夢ワイン株式会社のフェイスブックに詳しく載っています。At last the farmers have made the cider!! So delicious!