Kon's Farming Diary in Fukushima 福島で農家をめざすコンの日記

A diary of a farmer who came from Tokyo to start farming here in Fukushima with her husband. We are organic and try to be greener! 東京から脱出し、農業を始めるために、福島に移住したコンの日記です。エコ&グリーンな農家をめざします♪

What flowers? #3 何の花でしょう?その3

Nankin Cherry! I didn’t know the English name for Yusuraume. It has wonderful yummy red fruits in early summer. 
ゆすらうめ。 英語で南京チェリーというとは、知りませんでした。初夏にきれいで美味しい真っ赤な実がなります。 

What flower? #2 何の花でしょう?その2

Strawberry! The flower I love best. It makes me excited. I can’t wait the sweet red fruit…

What flower? #1 何の花でしょう?その1

Dandelions! After a week from the snow day, we are at the height of spring again. They are everywhere in our farm.

English Class Restarted 英語教室再開!

I had an English class for children first time after the March 11th’s earth quake. I made it like a party for children to enjoy games such as fishing, bingo, concentration, gesture, lottery and so on. I was glad that they seemed to have lots of fun.

Snow-Covered Field 雪景色

It snowed a lot yesterday and this morning the scene in front of our house like this…a silent spring. But it turned out to be a sunny day today and the snow went away.

Spicy Tomato Soybean Stew ☆スパイシーなトマトと豆の煮込み☆

One of my easy cooking recipes is tomato stew with soybeans and some vegetable in our pantry. We bought a baguette from a bakery Nouvelle Vague in Fukushima-shi, so I made the stew which goes well with bread. I put a yellow hot pepper and some garlic from our last year’s garden, lots of black pepper and some other species. It was very spicy and soooo good!
私がよく作る簡単料理の一つ、大豆のトマト煮込み。食品庫にある野菜を何でも入れます。(今回は大根とジャガイモ入り) 福島市の無添加パン屋ヌーベルバーグさんを訪問してフランスパンを買ったので、パンに合う料理、と思って作ってみました。去年のうちの黄トウガラシとニンニク、そしてたっぷりのブラックペッパーと色々なスパイスを投入。すごーくスパイシーで美味しかったです☆☆

Muscari ムスカリ

Wildflowers are good signs of spring. One of them is muscari appearing every spring in our front garden. Small violet-blue bell-shaped flowers are cute but somehow a little weird…

News on Fukushima 福島のニュース

I can’t help but sigh when I hear the news of Fukushima these days. I was sad to know that people in Iitate village will have to evacuate soon. I really like the village where lots of people try to seek ways environmentally-friendly life. A farmer whom I respect also lives there. I think we, farmers in Nihonmatsu where we were allowed to produce, have to make continuous efforts to improve soil and grow safe products.

Strawberries are coming soon. いちご、もうすぐ・・・

Strawberries on our field will come next month. I decided not to worry about radioactive substances so much as we, my husband and I, are already around 40’s and we won’t live so long before they are affecting us. 
来月には食べられはず・・・♪ 放射性物質は大丈夫かなーとの私の問いに、我々はもうアラフォーだから食べて影響が出るまで生きていないでしょう、との夫の答え。 納得しました。

We are fine in Fukushima 元気です!

Thanks to everyone around us, we didn't get much damage from the earthquake. Although we worried a lot about the nuclear accident, we are fine here in Fukushima. I walked around our farm field this morning after a month or so, which was really refreshing. Plum blossoms are in full bloom now in our garden.