Kon's Farming Diary in Fukushima 福島で農家をめざすコンの日記

A diary of a novice farmer who came from Tokyo to start farming here in Fukushima with her husband. We are organic and try to be greener! 東京から脱出し、農業を始めるために、福島に移住したコンの日記です。エコ&グリーンな農家をめざします♪



今年のクリスマス会☆ Christmas Party 2012

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ななくさ英語教室のクリスマス会も今年で3回目。今回はサンタさんにもゲームに参加してもらいました。そして1人1分ずつの出し物をしてもらう「ワン・ミニッツ・ショー」を始めてやってみました。みんな、頑張ってくれました☆ We had a Christmas party this year again! Mr. Santa joined our games this time. I had asked each student to give a “One Minute’s Show” at the party, and they showed their performances for the first time. They embarrassed a lot, so it took more than 5 minutes for most of the students, but they were doing all right.

幡祭り Hatamatsuri

日々の雑事に追われてまたたく間に12月になってしまいました~。地元の歴史ある(11世紀が起源)お祭り「木幡の幡祭り」に行ってきました。幡を持った白装束の人たちが雪景色の田舎道を歩く模様は荘厳な雰囲気。でも日本の三大幡祭りのひとつということで、カメラを持った観光客も多くて賑やかでした。We went to Hata-matsuri, a traditional local festival which originated in 11th century. The view men in white Yamabushi costumes carrying large banners and marching along the ridge of Mt. Kohata was awesome. But the festival being counted as one of the Three Banner Festivals in Japan, there were many photographers walking along the parade, which made it lively (and a bit turn-off).