Kon's Farming Diary in Fukushima 福島で農家をめざすコンの日記

A diary of a farmer who came from Tokyo to start farming here in Fukushima with her husband. We are organic and try to be greener! 東京から脱出し、農業を始めるために、福島に移住したコンの日記です。エコ&グリーンな農家をめざします♪



猪苗代の「Cafe K」さん☆ “Cafe K” in Inawashiro

今年1月のセミナーの折に、マスターと奥様にお会いして、ずっとまた行きたいなあと思っていた猪苗代のCafe Kさん。新潟への帰省途中、おじゃましてランチをいただきました♪ 天気も良くて、テラス席からの眺めも素晴らしかった。いただいたのは、地元のアスパラガスのピザ、マスターお手製のお寿司、こだわりのコーヒー、クランベリー&ジンジャーティー。どれも大変美味。2歳の娘と2ヶ月の赤ちゃん連れで、てんやわんやの我々でしたが、マスターやスタッフの方々のお心遣いで、楽しく食事ができました。またおじゃまします!  We went to Café K in Inawashiro, where we had met the master and his wife January this year. We dropped in there on the way to my hometown in Niigata. The weather was nice and the scenery was just beautiful. We had pizza topped with local asparagus, sushi, specialty coffee and cranberry & ginger tea, and all of them were really tasty. We were kind of messy with our two-year-old daughter and two-month-old baby, but the master and staffs there were really kind to us. Thank you very much and we will come back soon!


「きなり」でのイベント Event at KINARI in Fukushima

kinari62370.jpgkinarinaka sma
自然食料理研究家の本田洋子先生の料理はとても美味♪ コンブや煮干しの入った夏野菜カレー。うちの玄米を添えていただきました。 先生のお手製の梅干、おにぎり、お惣菜の数々。うちのウドンも美味しく調理していただきました。
We were invited to an event by Fukushima Building House Network, which was held at “Kinari”. Ms Yoko Honda, a natural food chef, made wonderful dishes for us. Summer vegetable curry with Konbu and small fish, are served with our brown rice. She made also Umeboshi, Rice balls, and many Japanese delis. She cooked our udon, too. After the cooking show, we enjoyed a nice concert by Ensemble Zelkova.

イチゴの季節 Strawberry Season

バタバタと日々過ごしていたら、もうイチゴの季節。移植した鉢植えのイチゴも赤くなり、保育園の帰りがてらに娘の口へ・・・。今年は色々あって量は少ないけど、来年はもっと採れるようにがんばろう~。 The strawberry season is upon us again! Some of them planted into pots have turned red and they are going to my daughter’s mouth when she comes back from nursery. I will do my best to have a better harvest next year.